Executive Coaching: Stop The Whiner And Motivate Go-Getters

There are basically two types of corporate coaches; those who work directly for an organization and those who are hired on the per need basis. The first one makes money through monthly payroll while the later make money by finding his own clients.

You need to spend more time with your workers. Your presence as their business coach will be very helpful because it will provide them with encouragement and determination to work. At first, you may need to monitor what they are doing since it is the start of your plan of action. But in due time, when they already know what to do, you can entrust the work to them and all you need is just to supervise them once in a while.

Executive Coaching helps clients summon the courage to change their stories about themselves. It helps them imagine and create a different view of their lives – to see themselves as capable of seeing anew.

What does this have to do with assumptions? Everything, in my book. As we engage people in conversation, we often think we know everything about them – their backgrounds, motivations, likes and dislikes. Unfortunately, we think we do, but usually we don’t.

For example: If we free ourselves of what we think would be corporately correct and allow our talents to lead our work, we can create a more satisfying experience for ourselves and our organizations.

Our belief that there should be an effort for the executive and the coach to become friends is based on a healthy understanding of what friendship is. A healthy friendship – no matter where you find it in your life – has a number of common characteristics.

We all understand the good times and the dark days that happen in everyone’s life. What is just as important is having a friend in the twilight. Twilight is that strange and dangerous time when we are between day and night. Our eyes have not adjusted to the darkness or the light during that hour. We can make some large mistakes when we are in the transition period between the good times and the bad. The good executive coach will stand with you during the twilight as your sun is rising or setting or if the clouds have overtaken your night sky.

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