How To Make Shopping For Men’s Clothing Easy

Let’s face it. Adults as well as children love to dress up for Halloween. It is the one day of the year we can actually let loose, and dress up as something or someone, you would not be caught dead in on any normal day. Where do I begin,? you ask yourself. I hate the idea of buying something from the store. I want to be as original as possible this year, and stand out from the crowd.

And what would I do if I could train it, make it do my bidding? Might I become a superhero and use it to fight crime? Would I use it to get myself elected to public office and change the world? Would my bowling score finally reach triple-digits? I had no idea. The possibilities were endless.

Once a friend of mine that I used to Bowl with came in to the bowling alley wearing White Over-alls, I didn’t feel the same about him after that. My husband wears denim over-alls for working in his shop, but I refuse to go with him out in public if he still has them on.

If you want to save a couple of dollars on your Easter shopping, then you can make your own Easter costume. For coming up with your own outfits you’ll need- white sweatshirt, white tie dye sweatpants, fiber fill, white craft felt (one yard), pink craft felt (one yard), double sided fusible, embroidery needle, pink embroidery floss, headband, pipe cleaners, white yarn and cardboard. You will also need grease paint for drawing whiskers as well as pink bunny nose for giving the final touch to your outfit.

I know socks with sandals are accepted in some cultures but it’s really not a good look. If you are wearing sandals than it must be hot outside, so lose the socks. My husband has wide feet and his shoes are sometimes tight so he says his feet rub when he wears sandals, O.K. then wear short ankle high socks.

I love this idea for a man young or old. Turn yourself into an old lady. Just follow the steps above, if you prefer looking sober rather than drunk. Just apply makeup nicely. (I’d suggest a woman help you in this department). Wear a nicer dress and shawl, and jewelry that matches. If you do this the right way, no one will even recognize you.

So that’s it. Follow these guidelines and you’re well on your way to owning a wardrobe that flatters you, and from ever having that feeling that your closet is full, but you have nothing to wear!

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