Participating In A Yoga Retreat Made Easy

Our memories are made of images, sounds and scents. One of my favorite olfactory memories is the baked apple smell. We all have a scent that sends us back in time or gives us a whole being mood.

Antenatal yoga instructor, Andrea Fox, in Sommerset said that this exercise boosts the blood circulation, reduce fluid retention, etc. The stretching asanas relieves pain. Pregnant woman also face backache and the postures are improved by these asanas so that the women get over the backache problem. It improvises strength of body, breath and makes her mentally prepared for adapting to a new phase of her life.

W is for White Space. White space is area on your layout that is not occupied by photos, journaling, or other page elements. It doesn’t even have to be white! This unoccupied space gives the eye places to rest and keeps the overall design from overwhelming the viewer by being too busy.

Poor posture, low back pain, neck pain, stress and fatigue are very general problems these days. Most of us spend most of the time in front of our computer terminals and travel. Al this leads to lack of productivity and lack of concentration at work. The various asanas practiced in this form of exercise helps you work towards your posture and thus boosts your confidence.

The Caribbean was our next stop. It’s probably one of our favorite areas in Costa Rica. In addition to the laid-back vibe, lots of local artisans and clear Caribbean waters, you’re bound to see a sloth up close if you just stop and look around. To Miles’ surprise, a mama sloth with a baby visited us at Hotel Atlantida where we were staying for a night. What a treat! We are excited to be holding our next two Yoga vacations Cabo blanco nature reserve in Costa Rica at the Goddess Garden in Cahuita as our guests will get such an authentic flavor of Costa Rica on the Caribbean coast and no doubt see abundant wildlife.

I am also here to dispel the myth that yoga is a religion – it is most definitely is NOT. The core of it is based on Buddhism but you do not have to be a Buddhist to enjoy and benefit from yoga. The techniques are useful for everyone of all race, ethnic background and religion and no one can force you to utter a single mantra if you did not wish to.

Z is for Zig Pens. Zig is a popular pen manufacturer that creates acid-free pens for memory-keeping. These pens are archivally safe, which means their inks won’t cause the paper to break down over time.

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