The Power Of Positive Thinking Is Your Key To Success

Have you ever made New Years resolutions with such zeal and enthusiasm on the 31st of December only to have broken each one by January 7th (or sooner)? Why is this? I know many souls who upon asking them, what is your resolution this year, reply glibly, “The same one I made last year!” Hopelessly and with expectance we watch each resolve fade and break away, such that by this point, most of us barely hold on to the possibility of effecting change in our lives at all. Often we believe we are incapable of keeping a promise. We have broken so many in the past. Perhaps we wish to lose weight, or stop smoking, or be kinder, less reactive to things beyond our control; other people, circumstances or events, thereby building a stress-free life complete with happiness, peace and improved health.

There are people in the same situation as you who do not even give it a second thought. This one fact shows us that it is not the positive attitude strategies situation which makes us feel the way we do. It is our perception of the situation, and that is a different thing altogether.

As a friend who suffered from such inferiority complex before, I gladly advise you to fight what’s not good on your mind and take a step ahead. You have more reasons to spend your life with.

Think Naturally – Incorporate positive self-talk and affirmations. No more “With my luck…” types of comments unless they are along the lines of “With my luck, I’ll accomplish my goals”.

Once more glance at your body. It is like a map of those past building blocks. Do not think of what you wish to change at this point, just spend a moment accepting and acknowledging you again wouldn’t be YOU without this body. It’s o.k. that you are the way you are outside, because we are all beautiful on the inside. And your inner beauty was shaped by this body.

It will not work, the person has already decided that they are not smart, so the study will not go very well, this will then compound the low self esteem. The “solution” has the opposite effect.

You may have even been in a similar situation at one time or another. And if you handled it poorly that time, next time try positive thinking to help you through.

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