Think Outside The Box With A Career In Close Protection

One of the greatest features of good security can be home alarm system monitoring. Many people have some type of alarm system for their home. If you do not also have monitoring, you may be missing out on adequate security.

If you fancy getting some training first, take care. The many so-called schools will promise you the world just to get your money. Don’t rely on one training form alone. Take two or more courses from two to three different schools.

Another very important skill is going to be self defense. I highly recommend taking classes in a martial arts or hand to hand combat training. Their might be a time where you are unable to use your weapon and this will be your last line of defense. Your client and your own life depends on it.

To work in the United Kingdom you need to have the Bay Area security guards licence. This is issued by the Security industry authority (SIA). The licencing is in two parts. First you must have completed a recognised course and passed the course tests. The second part of the procedure includes checks to ensure that you do not have a criminal record. If you can show that for the last five years you have an exemplary record in obtaining this license should not be a problem.

Always include a professionally taken photograph on the CV, top right works best, next to your personal details. You can have the 3/4 length photos printed out a stick roll of labels and careful stick one on each CV; or much easier, just have a digital picture you can print directly with the CV.

And step up your game. You’ve got to plan, plan and plan again. No matter the economy, people will still spend money. It might be less money than before, but it’s money nonetheless. So figure out what people are willing to pay for and give it to them.

Reliability- Today’s modern guns are built with good standards and are mostly reliable. Selecting a handgun manufacturer can be difficult at times. Do your research and select a manufacturer who’s handguns will with stand up to the pressure of everyday use for training and practice.

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Think Outside The Box With A Career In Close Protection

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