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Prior to 1978 paint contained lead. The inclusion of lead in paint caused problems because children would pick at the wall and then put the paint chips in their mouth. This resulted in the children getting lead into their body which was a potential health risk. As a result the Environmental Protection Agency, EPA, banned the use of lead in paint in 1978.

When your tenants sign their lease, you are required to get them to sign the disclosure that you downloaded from the EPA website. You must also give the tenant a copy of the lead based paint brochure. You can get this brochure from the EPA website. You must keep a copy of this disclosure for 3 years after the signing of the lease.

In Freeport, mercury thermometers may not be sold. The law does may an exception, however, for the sale of the thermometers, with a prescription. It is also illegal in the city to spit from a second floor window.

First I learned that the Delta was not a true delta but part of an alluvial plain; for historical and cultural reasons, it is still called The Delta and names of the Delta’s seventeen counties range from Bolivar and Coahoma to Leflore, Sunflower, Tallahatchie, and Yazoo, adding to the region’s historical mystique.

It’s really easy to use. I’ve used it two different ways. The first was was to put it on the floor in front of the passengers side front seat. I slid the seat back, put the Tanknanny on the floor, dropped the tank in and was set to go. They advertise that it’s stable up to 30-35 mph, but I put a towel on top of the tank just in case it shifted (which it didn’t). I then put the Tanknanny on the passenger’s front seat, used the seat belt to secure it through the side slot and dropped the tank in. I again put a towel over the tank, but it really wasn’t necessary.

COBRA is a fiscal-noet that requires employers to allow you to continue on their group health insurance plan as long as you agree to pay the monthly premium. You can stay on the plan for up to 18 months. The benefit of going this route is that you will be covered while you are looking for a new job. It is also good for people who have a pre-existing condition who may have trouble finding replacement insurance. The major disadvantage to signing up for COBRA is that it is very expensive. Additionally, you cannot change the type of coverage you have under the plan which means you could be paying for medical coverage that you really don’t need.

Induction stoves save money by using magnetic fields to heat metal pans or pots directly. Hands placed on the “burners” are safe from burns unless metal is worn and in direct contact with the burner. With a gas stove, less than 40% of the heat makes it to the food where 84% of the electricity used by an induction stove is used. There is heat loss into the ambient air by both methods.

He or she has a house or rent note, a car note, and other bills to pay, not to mention taking care of possibly a wife or husband. My point… this is simply a job to him or her.

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