Moving Your Office – The Details You Didn’t Think Of

Have you ever followed a snail? I arrived at the office early and noticed a snail on the glass door of the office. It was interesting watching this little rascal move along its path ever so slowly. Please understand that I wasn’t just watching the snail move. That would have driven me crazy. Snails move at about 2 feet per hour. Since the snail was on the front door of the office moving vertically. I calculate that the snail must have been on his journey for about 10 hours. Snails are most active at night. I was simply monitoring its progress each time I happened to walk past the front door.

You are ready to shop, with a plan in hand. It might be a good idea to buy in bulk, if you need expensive looking furniture at a fraction of the price. If you simply buy a certain amount, there are many high end furniture stores that will offer you a much better price. Try to find another person in the same situation and offer them the same deal, if you do not require the amount offered.

3> Packing- Inform all the employees that they have to pack all their stuff in the boxes one day prior to the actual shifting when the movers will start their job. Also tell to make a list of how many boxes each one has and what do they contain. The list should be handed over to the leader or coordinator.

4> Communication – Make sure that you apply for new phone connections, internet connections and fax numbers well in advance. if you want to use your old numbers then it is necessary to hire an expert to handle all the technical work.

Moving is unpredictable, and long beach commercial movers is even worse, so try your best to plan for the unexpected. Difficult, yes; impossible, no. Have a backup system if you find your move is stalled or half-way completed. Expect the worst, plan for it, and you’ll find that everything will work out better than expected. Cover your bases and you’ll be fine.

When you sign the bill the staff member presents you, of the belongings which have been packed, check it carefully. If you are renting a truck but don’t want to drive it, check whether the moving company can help you. In case you have to move at the last minute, look for a company with experience in this field.

Make sure that you share this floor plan with everyone well ahead of time. Sometimes you will find that the plans you have made would not work like you thought for one reason or another. Your employees are likely to identify these issues. It is much better to know about them a week before the move so you can change your plans. The alternative is learning about the problems in the middle of the chaos of moving day. You really should avoid that if possible. Another thing that will make the whole move day easier is to make one person the point person and temporarily relieve them of any other duties they have. If there is not one person who is aware of all of the decisions being made, it is likely to increase the confusion.

Keep in mind that a successful office move involves over 200 steps. Refer to a master moving checklist or office moving timeline to plan your move from start to finish.

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Moving Your Office – The Details You Didn’t Think Of

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