Why You Should Consider Singapore As A Travel Destination

Tamworth in Staffordshire is situated 14 miles from the city centre of Birmingham and is home to the historic Tamworth Castle and Moat House. Like most towns in England they are also home to a local, non-league football club, the Tamworth FC! It takes its name from the River Tame which tamely flows through the town, as does the river Anker. This is not a market town; it is dominated by industry and was once the site of the Reliant car company. They produced the famous three-wheeled Robin model for many years.

Vacation destination. Do you like skiing? Surfing? Boating? Hiking? Cultural attractions? places to visit in Europe? Some or all of the above? The great thing about talking to an agent or broker in advance is that he or she can also tell you what’s available in the area, with the confidence and insider knowledge of a local resident.

If you have always want to see the Leaning Tower of Pisa, you will need to arrange a stop in Pisa to check it out. This bell tower in the Pisa Cathedral is made up of a group of 4 beautiful white marble buildings. Construction on this originated in 1173 and went on for 200 years due to numerous interruptions. Since the construction took so long, the bell tower started to lean, hence the name.

There are many reasons for staying at the Kensington Hotels when you are visiting the city next time. The Kensington and the surrounding areas offer some the most delicious British cuisine items. If your hotel is not providing you with complimentary breakfast then you can choose to venture out in the streets and eat at one of the eateries.

San Francisco is home to the infamous Silicon Valley. The city by the bay has a lot more to offer than hi-tech gadgetry though because it is also home to a legendary prison, Alcatraz.

KARNAK TEMPLES: It’s a huge complex comprising of three main temples and many smaller ones, most well-known among them is the Temple of Amun. It is estimated they were constructed in a time period of 1300 years.

If you haven’t gotten enough just yet, stretch those tourist legs and go to downtown San Francisco. This is where you would see what locals refer to as the city’s moving landmark, the cable cars. If you are tired from all the walking, you can ride on the cable cars to get around the city and maybe even pass by Lombard, San Francisco’s crookedest street.

Oakham is easily accessible as it has a railway station that has trains traveling to Birmingham, Leicester, Peterborough and Stansted Airport. It is also possible to reach Stamford, Corby, Uppingham, Melton Mowbray, Nottingham and Leicester by motorway.

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